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Top Pick #5:

Special Offer of MS63 $20 Gold St. Gaudens

Today’s price: $1499.00
(prices and quantity available subject to change with price of spot gold...call for current quote)

Price guaranteed for up to ten coins.

Take advantage of the current bull market in gold, Monaco has acquired a large cache of the very popular pre-1933 MS63 St. Gaudens $20 gold coin. It is the best way to invest in gold because they move with daily price fluctuations, don't have a big premium over the spot price, and they don’t make anymore, thus a fixed supply. The supplies can at times be very tight creating a “spiking trend”. The long-term charts strongly suggest that when they can be acquired for less than 20% over the current spot price, then they should be bought aggressively.

The opportunity to do exactly that exists right now. The price listed above is for up to ten coins. If you’re looking for a larger position or simply want one example of the world’s most popular gold coin then contact your personal Monaco Account Representative now at 1-888-900-9948.

Special Offer of MS63 $20 Gold St. Gaudens

For better dates and various grades complete with pictures and pricing, click on the following link: https://shop.monacorarecoins.com/?s=DES&post_type=product

Top Pick #1:

NGC-Certified “Crime of ‘73”  Type II $20 Gold Double Eagles

More often than not, challenging economic times inspire policy makers to change currency policies . . . and sometimes, with dire and unintended consequences on the economy. The Coinage Act of 1873 did just that . . . and our recent discovery of an original bag of 1873 Type II $20 Double Eagle gold coins, now certified and guaranteed by NGC, provides a tangible link to a troubled and turbulent time in American economics.

1873 Type II $20 Gold Double Eagles

The ending of bimetallism in 1873 caused the minting of large $20 Double Eagle gold coins, like those offered here, to increase significantly from previous years' mintings. The 1873 Double Eagle is the most common of the Type II variety. In fact, it is the one date most collectors would seek to acquire for a type set. In mint-state, the 1873 issue is scarce, as are all Type II Double Eagles. Choice examples are quite rare and seldom available, and cost in excess of $10,000 in today's market.

This wonderful hoard of beautiful 1873 “Open 3” $20 gold coins presents a tangible historical artifact of this “boom and bust” time in American economic and political history. The coins represent the early beginnings of the Gilded Age of American ingenuity. Every one of these 1873 $20 gold Liberty coins are graded and certified by NGC in grades of Extra-Fine-45 to About Uncirculated-58. And because each coin is priced significantly lower than every leading published price guide in the industry today, they will not last long.

Click on the links below to view the NGC-certified “Crime of '73” coins available for purchase on the Monaco Rare Coins website:

For more background on the Coinage Act of 1873, the “Crime of '73” and more details on these incredible 1873 Type II Double Eagles, please click here.

Top Pick #2:

1799 Heraldic Eagle $10, NGC MS65

When our early legislators contemplated America’s coinage system, they chose the "eagle" or $10 gold piece as the primary denomination and other gold coins were referenced as fractions of the eagle (quarter eagle for the $2.50 and half-eagle for the $5 gold piece). The $10 gold piece or "eagle" as they were called was America’s largest denomination until the California Gold Rush unleashed its wealth on the U.S. economy.

However, the eagle wasn’t minted continuously between 1795 and 1849. Because all of Europe traded in sovereign sized gold, or half-eagle, the U.S. discontinued the eagle and conformed by minting the half-eagle to accommodate international trade with much greater ease. The $10 eagle was not reintroduced again until 1838.

1799 Heraldic Eagle $10, NGC MS65

The early "eagles", or $10 gold piece was only minted from 1795-1804 with several design changes and varieties. This short duration of mintage, as well as multiple design element differences, makes this series one of the most collected series in all U.S. numismatics. The first to be minted was the Capped Bust to Right, Small Eagle (1795-1797), but the eagle design on the reverse was mocked and called the "little chicken". This and other reasons caused a redesign of the eagle on the reverse making it larger and more majestic. Thus the "heraldic", or large eagle was minted from 1797-1804 at which time the $10 denomination was discontinued.

All early gold eagles are somewhat elusive and are most often seen in XF-AU grades, full mint-state examples are quite rare and gems are excessively rare. Their beauty is something to behold…they are big and impressive and those dated prior to 1800 have tremendous appeal. If you’re looking for "set’s appeal" these early Americana gold pieces speak for themselves.

The examples dated 1799 come in two major varieties, "small stars obverse" and "large stars obverse". It is been speculated by numismatists that the punch used for the stars was damaged and a second was fabricated with slightly larger stars.

The example offered here is adorned with thirteen "large stars" surrounding Lady Liberty on the obverse. It is preserved in tremendous MS65 gem quality and is impressive to even the most sophisticated numismatist. The population reported by both PCGS and NGC for MS65 is eight, although it is widely believed this number is inflated due to resubmissions. NGC has only graded one MS65 and the auction appearances for a PCGS example is way lower than you would expect for a coin with seven extant. None the less, it is excessively rare in full superb mint-state gem condition.

There have only been three MS65 examples appear at public sale since 1990 and two of those are the same specimen. The most recent example grading MS65 to sell at auction sold just last month (4/23/2015 Lot #5386) and realized an impressive $376,000. I examined that coin closely, as I do all early gold gems, and it was indeed special, but no more impressive than the specimen offered now by Monaco. The currently offered specimen exhibits incredible gem surfaces, but is also adorned by a light red russet tone to the peripherals. It is truly a beautiful example of early Americana. It represents a rare opportunity to acquire a specimen of superb quality, tremendously significant historically and with incredibly strong popularity.

Offered for $350,000

Top Pick #3:

SS Republic Seated Liberty Half Dollars


New Orleans in the Civil War era was a city of intrigue, mystery and changing fortunes – a story nicely illustrated by the beleaguered branch of the U.S. Mint.  The New Orleans Mint was under Union control until the State of Louisiana and then the Confederacy took over at the onset of the Civil War in 1861.

Each of the three governments struck the Liberty Seated Half Dollar, the only U.S. coin made by three different governments. Until the discovery of sunken treasure there was no way to tell the three coins apart. Ironically, these very silver half dollars mysteriously made their way to New York during the Civil War. At the conclusion of the war in 1865 they were sent to New Orleans for economic recovery efforts aboard the SS Republic which sank en route, creating an unlikely time-capsule. Without this amazing set of circumstances it may never have been possible to identify the three different coins.

The exciting story is told with the amazing three coin treasure set which features coins struck in Philadelphia, and both the "Louisiana State Issue" and the "Confederate States Issue."  Amazingly, all three were recovered from the 1865 shipwreck of the SS Republic.

SS Republic Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Included with this exciting three coin treasure set is a collectible bottle which was also recovered from the shipwreck, as well as a copy of the book, Lost Gold of the Republic, which chronicles the remarkable quest for the greatest shipwreck treasure of the Civil War Era.

Monaco negotiated the successful acquisition of the last remaining Seated Liberty Half Dollars of 1861 from Odyssey Marine Exploration, the company that performed the amazing recovery, and Monaco can now offer these exciting coins to collectors who can appreciate the value and history of this incredible era in American History.

The three coins are all certified by NGC and are graded "uncirculated shipwreck effect."  They are all minted in 1861, one in Philadelphia, and two at the New Orleans Mint, one of which is a "Louisiana State Issue" and the other a "Confederate Issue."  As a gift for acquiring all three we are including an antique treasure bottle recovered from 1865 shipwreck site . . . that alone is a $300-$500 value!

The entire four piece set is only $2,950.  That is far less than this same set has sold for by other dealers.  In fact, the 1861-O Louisiana Issue and the Confederate Issue have sold individually for more than $1450 at recent public auctions, and they are offered individually in far lower quality for $1,495 by other dealers on the internet.  Monaco can offer all three coins in uncirculated condition, AND a treasure bottle and Republic book for only $2,950.

Sets are strictly limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Don't miss this exciting opportunity to own multiple pieces from this exciting period of American history.

Top Pick #4:

New Type I “No Motto” $20 Gold Liberty Coins

In 1848 gold was discovered in California. It sparked perhaps the greatest migration of mankind in history. People seeking fortunes in pursuit of a better way of life came to California by the 100,000s. The gold flowing from ground and rivers of Northern California also had a tremendous impact on the world of numismatics.

The vast amounts of gold caused the minting of more gold coins in just three short years than the previous half-century combined. One major addition was the large denomination of the James B. Longacre designed “No Motto” $20 Liberty. These very rare first $20 gold coins have become known as Type I Double Eagles and today they rank among some of the most popular coins in all numismatics.

In the acclaimed book, 100 Greatest United States Coins, there is no single variety with a greater presence than these wonderful gold coins led by perhaps the most valuable coin of all, the 1849 Proof specimen. Minted between 1849-1866, these wonderful coins were minted in what many historians consider the era that built an empire.

The coins listed here are new offerings of these wonderful coins. I try to update it as often as possible, but these coins do not last long, so contact your representative as soon as possible if a coin listed meets your current needs. All coins are subject to availability.

For a current inventory listings complete with pictures and pricing click on the following link:


Top Pick #6:

New Purchases of Carson City $20 Gold Liberty Coins

The $20 double eagle is a very popular denomination being that it is gold, large and aesthetically pleasing. Combining these attributes with Wild West heritage, Carson City double eagles enjoy widespread popularity, consistent promotion, strong demand and superior market appreciation. The CC popularity and historical significance transcends typical numismatic market boundaries considering foreign collectors and non-collecting investors find ownership of this market segment enjoyable.

Because CC mintages were low and double eagles were needed for commerce, it is not surprising that few dates are found in brilliant uncirculated. Just 19 dates of the $20 gold denomination encompass the full series. A full collection would be a challenging endeavor and take some time to amass, yet it would be a highly desirable and respected piece of numismatic wealth.

All of the coins listed here are graded by NGC or PCGS and previewed as to their eye appeal. The King of Carson City makes a strong two-way market so it is important for us to offer and place coins with our customers that we desire to repurchase. Based on our rigorous criteria for desirability and the rare nature of this series, it is generally challenging to maintain a stockpile of wide selection. Therefore if you don't see what you are looking for listed here, contact us to add your need to your personal want list.

For a current inventory listings complete with pictures and pricing click on the following link:


Top Pick #7:

New Listings of Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars

1883-CC Morgan dollars

One of the most exciting series in U.S. numismatics is the Morgan Silver Dollar, and the coins minted at the famed wild west mint in Carson City, Nevada are the most coveted by collectors and investors.

In 1964, the year before the discontinuation of silver coinage in the U.S., an official audit of the vaults of the Treasury Building in Washington, DC uncovered an astounding three million U.S. silver dollars struck in the late 1800s at the historic Carson City Mint. The discovery sent shock waves throughout the numismatic community and set into motion the greatest government distribution of highly desirable rare coins ever recorded! Few coins in the history of the United States have received more indifference when first released than these silver dollars. And few, if any, have gone on to become as greatly appreciated by collectors.

Carson City Morgan Dollars Book, By Adam Crum

Below is a listing of new acquisitions of Carson City Morgan Dollars encased in the original holders the coins were placed in by the General Services Administration of the United States. As you will see, many are certified and graded by NGC. All coins are strictly limited in quantity and available on a first come, first served basis. And, for first-time customers who acquire one or more of these wonderful coins, I will send you a copy of my book, Carson City Morgan Dollars, absolutely FREE.


For a current inventory listings complete with pictures and pricing click on the following link:



* The terms and conditions of the guarantee are available upon request.

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