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Top Picks for 2016

Let’s face it, today’s rare coin market is blazing hot…and these days, rare coin collectors and investors can easily expect their coins to appreciate handsomely over time. But, the really BIG gains in rare coins only happens by owning the right coins, at the right price, at the right time.

The biggest mistake I watch people make is buying coins with the “pig in a poke” theory. This theory often works well when markets, be they stocks, real estate or coins, are in major market upswings. But a far better strategy, I think, is buying coins which carry all three of the fundamentals that should be applied when evaluating a potential coin acquisition: rarity, popularity and historical significance.

If you apply common sense to your acquisitions and purchase with these three criteria in mind, then you will most likely enjoy the greatest appreciation in your collection — and most likely have ready buyers, whatever the market climate is, at the time you choose to sell.

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My “TOP PICKS” for 2016 and Beyond

I believe these items more than meet the standards for rarity, popularity and historical significance…AND…also have above-average potential for significant price appreciation in the months and years ahead. I encourage you to browse through these recommendations, and then contact a Monaco Rare Coins Account Representative to inquire about current availability and pricing of the items for which you have the greatest interest.

1) California Gold Rush Rarities

Gold Rush Rarities

Monaco Rare Coins is one of the nation's leading dealers in California Gold Rush numismatic artifacts, including gold dust, gold nuggets, assayer and territorial coinage, assayer “slugs” and ingots and early San Francisco Mint coinage.

Read the story of our California gold rush rarities

2) Shipwreck Treasure Coins

Shipwreck Treasure Coins

Monaco Rare Coin offers a wide selection of shipwreck treasure collectibles at prices ranging from less than $200 all the way up to several million dollars.

Learn about our shipwreck treasure collectibles

$20 Liberty Double Eagles

U.S. $20 Double Eagles

Since February 2003, Monaco Rare Coins has recommended the aggressive acquisition of all dates and varieties of U.S. $20 Type-I “Double Eagles.” Those who have taken our advice have benefited handsomely…

Read more about U.S. $20 Double Eagles

4) Morgan Silver Dollars

Gold Rush Rarities

Morgan Silver Dollars, minted from 1878 to 1921, are America’s most-collected coins. They appeal to new collectors because of their beauty and popularity…AND because of their great affordability. Morgans also appeal to experienced collectors for the very same reasons...

Learn more about Morgan Silver Dollars and our "20+1" offer

5) Historical Commemorative Restrikes

Shipwreck Treasure Coins

Monaco Rare Coins is THE place to call if you are looking for the “best of the best” available in certified historical commemoratives and commemorative restrikes.

Find out why our historical commemorative restrikes
are a top pick

6) Gold Bars & Monetary Ingots

U.S. $20 Double Eagles

More than just a collection of precious metals, these monetary ingots represent the heart and soul of a nation created in a turbulent time when our country came of age.

Read the fascinating story behind our gold bars and ingots
Adam Crum

About Adam Crum

Adam Crum was born in Dallas, TX and was introduced to coin collecting by his father. His fascination with the business grew, and by the time he was 22 years old, it became a full-time enterprise. In addition to being an avid student of U.S. numismatics, he has spent his career helping others to understand how to successfully buy and sell U.S. coins. He has continually published newsletters, books and video programs on rare coins since 1991, has been published in most of the leading coin industry publications and has been a guest on many regional and national broadcast programs. Adam Crum is a member of most of the leading numismatic organizations and currently resides in Southern California with his wife and three children.

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