Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars, 50+1, & 20+1 Sets

Morgan Silver Dollars are America’s most-collected coins that were minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. They have a mass appeal to new and old collectors because of their beauty, popularity and affordability. Key-date issues are scarce to extremely rare, appealing to those investors with a bigger budget who may be seeking diversification from more traditional assets. Carson City Morgan Dollars with the “CC” mint-mark also hold a special place for collectors due to their rich historical background.  These coins were minted during the glory days of the Wild West giving us a glimpse into our past as an evolving country.

This 50+1 instant collection is a great start to build an impressive and valuable Morgan Silver Dollar collection. There are a number of ways that you can build a valuable collection that can generate tremendous satisfaction. Key-date Morgan Dollars are scarce to extremely rare, appealing to those with bigger budgets for owning the best. Many collectors seek to acquire sets of the dozens of minting die variations, known as “VAM” varieties. Morgans can provide the ambitious collector with a fascinating challenge to discover and collect various sets. Monaco offers a complimentary Morgan Dollar “Personal Portfolio” brochure to assist in building collections.

This 20+1 set is a great way to get started because Monaco has done all the hard work for you. You could spend countless hours, or even months, to complete a set of 20 different Morgan Dollars in mint state condition. Every bright white silver coin in this Morgan Series Starter Set has eye appeal, quality and rarity. Each coin is graded and certified Brilliant Uncirculated MS63 or MS64, by either PCGS or NGC. Holding a gem example in your hand takes you back to the old west and reminds you of America’s ingenuity. Some dates are very rare while others are not, making this series highly collectible and challenging.

Looking for specific rare coins to expand or complete your collection?  Then you should contact Monaco Rare Coins by phone or email right away and let us help you find the right coins at the right price!  With our decades-long industry experience, $10 Million+ on-site inventory of high-end rarities, PLUS our extensive contacts throughout the numismatic community, we are the resource you can count on to locate most any coin you seek.  Chances are, if there’s a special coin you’re looking for, we either have it in stock . . . or can get it quickly.  Simply call us at the phone number at the top of this page, or fill out the form and we’ll be on the case to track down the exact coins you need to complete your set!

One of the key factors in purchasing rare coins is that you need to have good representation.  With over 20 years of service to the rare coin market, Monaco is leading the industry with the finest inventory, exceptional customer service, numismatic education, and timely market reports.  Led by Vice President Adam Crum, a 30-year veteran and World-Class Numismatist, Monaco has built its reputation on the foundations of quality, value, integrity and service. You can rely on Monaco’s dedication to a two-way buy-and-sell market. We are actively involved in all aspects of the rare coin trade,  wholesale, collector, and international markets, as well as, numismatic auctions.

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1884-CC MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR Coin ID: 0015867 Condition: MS64 Grading Service: PCGS Cost: $265.00
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