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Tales of shipwreck treasure from lost sunken ships can spark the imagination and reveal a glimpse into our past, like a time capsule waiting to be discovered.  Deep sea ocean exploration is the next great frontier revealing a rich history of our past with the help of Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) to discover, catalog and conserve artifacts of historical significance.  Lost gold and silver treasures remain untouched and perfectly preserved awaiting their discovery today to tell the historical story, and become prized pieces in personal collections.

Monaco offers a wide selection of shipwreck treasure collectibles, including popular gold or silver coins and monetary ingots from historic shipwrecks like “The Ship of Gold,” the SS Central America, and historic Civil War shipwrecks like the SS Republic and SS Brother Jonathan.  Shipwrecks offers something for every collector, from gold coins from the historic 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet, to massive silver bars from the World War II sinking of the SS Gairsoppa by a Nazi U-Boat.  Also, there are other sunken treasure artifacts that garner appreciation for this fascinating segment of the collectibles market.

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Owning a significant investment in popular, genuinely rare and historically significant rare coins, has generated great rewards for both collectors and investors. Because of their limited supply and increased demand, rare coins have traditionally been a great investment and private storage of wealth for the financially astute.  They play an important part of a well-diversified portfolio and may offer stability and liquidity as a tangible asset that is private, portable, and profitable over time.  Rare coins offer you the best of both worlds… the beauty, romance and fun of rare coin collecting, and the rewards of a historically sound investment.

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1836 GOLD $5 CLASSIC HEAD Coin ID: 0272487 Condition: F15 Grading Service: SSCA-2 Cost: $3,500.00
1846/5-O GOLD $10 LIBERTY Coin ID: 0100082 Condition: AU53 Grading Service: SSCA-2 Cost: $14,750.00
1854-S GOLD $10 LIBERTY Coin ID: 0011383 Condition: AU53 Grading Service: SSCA-2 Cost: $10,750.00
1855-S GOLD $3 Coin ID: 0272454 Condition: AU53 Grading Service: SSCA-2 Cost: $20,000.00
1855 KELLOGG $20 GOLD Coin ID: 0610124 Condition: AU53 Grading Service: SSCA Cost: $27,500.00
1855-S GOLD $5 LIBERTY Coin ID: 0272494 Condition: XF45 Grading Service: SSCA-2 Cost: $4,000.00
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